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Commercial Security Cameras

You can never overestimate the importance of video surveillance. Ever-present security threats, such as intrusions, disasters, and accidents, rarely give warning. Commercial security camera systems ensure a rapid response to these acute situations.

A surveillance system is only as good as its installation. Therefore, camera location should always be a primary consideration. Our security camera installation technicians audit client properties to find the ideal security camera system placements.

In addition, installers consult clients on the choice of commercial security cameras. Different vulnerabilities call for different video surveillance solutions, including prominent surveillance camera, a wired/wireless security system, covert surveillance, weather-resistant, tamper-resistant, night vision features and analog versus internet protocol (IP).
Various technologies must work together to provide total coverage and instant alerts. Our video surveillance installation process identifies every corner of the business and covers it with the ideal security system.

The Importance of Security Camera Install for Portland, Oregon Businesses

The City of Roses may be a beautiful place, but like anywhere, crime, disasters, and accidents affect businesses every day. Whether you run a retail store, office, warehouse, or industrial facility, protecting your property, employees, and customers must always be at the top of the priority list.

Also, businesses are subject to civil liability for a wide range of factors beyond their control. Video surveillance system protects your business from unwarranted claims.

Security Cameras & Burglary Prevention

Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Even from the inside, employee theft can be a set-back to a business without the proper video surveillance cameras to prevent it. Thieves seek soft targets. When your business has the weakest security on the block, you can expect trouble.

For this reason, deterrence is a goal for business security camera system installation. The prominent display of weather- and tamper-resistant cameras and signage scares thieves away. In addition, when commercial surveillance and access control systems are integrated, burglars face insurmountable challenges in entering a building undetected. 

24/7 central station remote monitoring of your premises limits thieves to minutes before police surround them. Internal and external motion sensor devices & cameras also provide critical evidence against culprits.


Vandals often do damage for no discernable reason. As with burglary, creating a hard target is the essential defense. We install vandalism-proof cameras, so anyone doing property damage is recorded, and our monitors alert the police immediately.

Disaster Response

Businesses of all types face disruptions and even closure when disasters strike. Fires, floods, and storm damage cripple operations. Video surveillance provides 24/7 monitoring for emergencies. For example, should a fire break out at night, we have our security equipment installed to detect the problem instantly, saving critical minutes in dispatching the fire department.

Accidents & Quick Response with Video Surveillance

All businesses must create accident prevention plans, and some are subject to specific regulatory agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Therefore, business owners need to ensure that employees adhere to safety requirements. The installation of cameras in key locations allows management to spot safety violations and correct them before accidents occur.

In addition, should individuals be injured on-premises, having high-resolution video surveillance systems provides a record of the event so that the company can protect itself against excessive liability claims.

Focus Security Group Video Surveillance Services

Focus Security Group’s security camera install Portland, OR team handles all types of video surveillance equipment. As a result, clients have many choices of surveillance systems and camera types.

Analog Security Cameras

These are the older style Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security systems, which remain highly effective. They provide live viewing and record footage to a DVR.

IP Camera

An IP Camera security system costs a little more than analog cameras and a CCTV camera. Still, they pack the advanced features: high-res images, night vision, motion detection, facial recognition, people counting, dwell time monitoring, and data analytics.

Cloud-Based IP

Cloud-Based IP technology makes it possible to monitor your facility from a smartphone or computer and receive alerts. It is also less costly to maintain and install.

Commercial Security Camera Types

Focus Security Group provides many camera options, with choices suitable for any business type.

Bullet Cameras

Installers will place a bullet camera on ceilings or walls and point them towards the target area. They are typically immobile cameras that derive their name from their cylindrical, sleek appearance. Surveillance companies usually deploy them indoors. Often times, you can run commercial security cameras through the same wiring as your smoke detector & alarm system cables.

Covert Cameras

These cameras remain hidden from thieves, employees, customers, and any other surveillance targets. As a result, they are perfect for gathering evidence against wrongdoers or documenting daily activities. Some are standard cameras deployed discreetly. Others have clever disguises as clocks, smoke detectors, and other items typically found at commercial locations.

Day/Night Cameras

Do you have outdoor areas that need monitoring? If so, installing day/night cameras may be the solution.

For instance, parking lots attract crime and unsavory activities, especially when unoccupied at night. Installing surveillance technology encourages those with no business in your parking lot to keep out. It also records any unwanted goings-on, whether they occur during the day or at night.

Day/night cameras compensate for changing light conditions, allowing them to record clear images despite sunny conditions, glare, reflections, and backlight. They also have night vision, so bad actors lose the cover of darkness.

Dome Cameras

Sometimes, you want surveillance equipment to remain prominent, but you also want to create a pleasant, unobtrusive atmosphere. By using a dome camera, you get the benefit of a long-lasting protected camera that blends in. For instance, retail stores want cameras visible to deter shoplifters, but they also want a pleasant shopping environment.

Dome cameras, named for their shape, have a pleasing look that won’t make people feel under surveillance. At the same time, they provide 360-degree monitoring through lenses that rotate inside the housing. Frosted collar dome cameras disguise the movement of the lenses.

Commercial Security Cameras in Portland OR

Updating Old Security Cameras & Alarm Systems

Focus Security Group’s installation pros specialize in upgrading an old commercial security system and security camera system. Many businesses still rely on analog technology, and it is still effective. However, they may benefit from IP or IP cloud technology. Many business owners are surprised to learn that installing more advanced technologies is often less expensive than older iterations.

Camera upgrades should be on every company’s security checklist. As needs evolve, new types of cameras may be in order. For example, an industrial facility that just built a new parking lot may now need day/night cameras to protect that section of the premises.

Focus Security Group Expertise

Security expertise comes from experience. Our security camera install Portland, OR technicians learned the Focus Security Group installation system from the best and have years of experience placing the most advantageous cameras in the most favorable locations.

When you need a commercial video surveillance system installation in the greater Portland and Seattle regions, Focus Security Group offers the expertise you need to protect your business from all types of calamities. We also specialize in alarm system installations for a comprehensive security solution for your business security.

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