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Beaverton OR Security Cameras & Security Systems Installation

The crime wave striking the Portland region has business owners on edge. In addition to riots and property destruction, Portland proper has suffered from record-setting violent crime, including 1000 shootings and 67 homicides between January 1- and October 20, 2021, a pace that will make 2021 the city's deadliest year. Moreover, the violence and property destruction continues to spread to formerly safe areas, such as Beaverton and Tigard.

Part of the problem stems from a mass exodus of officers from the Portland Police Bureau. Understaffed, they are unable to cope with the volume of emergency calls. A lack of resources has hampered investigations into serious crime.

For these reasons, Portland-area businesses and institutions need to take strong security measures. Video surveillance plays an integral role in any security apparatus. It creates an objective record of events while also providing alerts about suspicious activities. When combined with access control, a video surveillance system offers the security businesses need during this crime wave.

Focus Security Group stocks all types of cameras, from covert surveillance units to imposing, weather-proof outdoor cameras. But before choosing styles, it is necessary to decide between an analog and web-based system.

Analog Cameras

Focus Security Group installs old-fashioned analog cameras with a new twist: high resolution. Analog technology has gotten a reputation for grainy images that lack the resolution needed for legal proceedings. However, these unreliable images are a phenomenon of the past. Today, crystal clear analog images are available from Focus Security Group.

Analog cameras record images to a DVR. The cameras connect to the DVR through a closed-circuit television network with a coaxial or ethernet cable. As a result, the advanced features created by web- and cloud technology are unavailable with analog systems.

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras from Focus Security Group are high-resolution machines that capture images as clearly as if viewers are eyewitnesses. Instead of recording to a DVR, IP cameras store images in an on-site server. In addition, because these systems are web-based, users can access images and operate cameras from a smartphone or computer.

What other features do you get from IP cameras? 

The rise of IP cameras has made it possible for commercial enterprises to benefit from security system features that were once the province of elite law enforcement and military units:

  • Night vision

  • Facial recognition

  • License plate readers

  • Advanced intrusion detection devices

With features like these, even James Bond couldn't breach your security.

Internet Protocol Cloud-Based

Cloud-based IP cameras record with the same stunning clarity as web-based IP surveillance systems but store images with a cloud-service provider. An offsite server presents many advantages, including lower maintenance costs, regular updates, and no IT skills needed: Focus Security Group provides the technical prowess.

Camera System Upgrades

If you have an analog video surveillance system but want IP cameras' advanced features and connectivity, Focus Security Group can help. Our technicians perform upgrades in the Portland and Seattle regions. Upgrades are less expensive than new installations because an infrastructure already exists.

Whether you choose an analog or IP surveillance system, Focus Security Group has an array of camera choices, such as the following:

  • Bullet cameras

  • Covert cameras

  • Exterior/interior

  • Dome

  • And more

Contact Focus Security Group Beaverton for an installation or upgrade quote. We service the whole Portland metro area, including Hillsboro, Tigard, Metzger, King City, Raleigh Hills,Tualatin Hills, Aloha, Somerset West, Lake Oswego, Stafford, West Linn, and Cedar Hills.

With Focus Security Group as your safety partner, your business can prosper with the assurance that it is protected.

Focus Security Group: Your Security Partner

At Focus Security Group, we offer the whole package. There is no need for multiple vendors, ordering cameras, or video monitoring because we do all of that on top of installation and upgrades.

The Fortification Process

Focus Security Group's team analyzes your site's security needs and identifies any vulnerabilities. They then make the recommendations that fortify your building.

We then determine the best type of system and cameras to install and provide a competitive quotation. Focus Security Group designs holistic security systems. We are not just a surveillance company. Our expertise covers all areas of commercial security:

Video Surveillance

Whether our clients elect analog or IP systems, Focus Security Group installs top-of-the-line equipment from trusted, name-brand manufacturers. Clear images are worth a thousand words. So whether your surveillance system records evidence of a crime or establishes facts in a lawsuit, you are guaranteed to have high-resolution images that are admissible in court. Plus, our technicians eliminate any blind spots.

Access Control

No one breaches a perimeter designed by Focus Security Group. Our experts identify all points of possible entry. Gates also control vehicular- and foot traffic, ensuring unauthorized people cannot wander into restricted areas.

Intrusion Detection

Imagine a stealthy intruder bypasses the access control gates and begins to move about your unoccupied facility. Intrusion detection systems make it impossible for such a criminal plan to succeed. The system senses movement and body temperatures throughout the facility. Intruders breaking into buildings after everyone has gone home have nowhere to hide!


We can pair intrusion detection systems with silent alarms that alert Focus Security Group and law enforcement. Alternatively, we can install a sound alarm to scare away intruders. In addition, our video surveillance team receives an intrusion alert and then uses video surveillance to track what is occurring and provide information to first responders.

Alarm Systems

During our site evaluations, Focus Security Group experts assess the need for burglar and fire alarms. We place alarm system sensors strategically so intruders set them off at the earliest possible moment. 

Alarm Monitoring

Business owners can sleep well at night knowing that 24/7 monitoring is in place. The moment an emergency strikes, we spring into action.

System Maintenance

Keeping your security system functioning optimally is our business. Focus Security Group handles all routine and emergency maintenance. The safety of your business is the key to our success.

When it comes to the security of your livelihood, you want the best on your side. Focus Security Group provides its clients with security management programs that handle everything from A to Z, including security camera installation, access control, door locks, and security alarm systems. 

In addition, Focus Security Group's 24/7 monitoring center ensures immediate emergency responses. 

With crime on the rise, it's more important than ever to have robust security systems.


Contact Focus Security Group Beaverton to fortify your company today.

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