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Access Control Services in Portland Oregon

Commercial Access Control Systems Installation | Focus Security Group

Businesses thrive on being busy, and that means lots of people hustling and bustling about the premises. For instance, an industrial facility in Portland or Seattle may have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees entering and exiting for various shifts, and a simple door lock just will not cut it. With all these people coming and going, access control systems become a necessity. Focus Security Group specializes in access control in Portland OR, and Seattle WA. We can design and build new access control systems, repair & maintain older systems, and provide upgrades to existing access control systems.

Every business contains valuable assets. Protecting these assets from theft, vandalism, and prying eyes requires a robust access control system to control entry points. Focus Security Group stands at the forefront of commercial security for the Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington metro areas. We offer our clients the total security package: Access control systems that integrate with current or new technology and security infrastructure. For a small cost, Focus Security Group ensures your company’s property and people remain protected at all times.

What Types of Access Control Does Focus Security Group Offer?

Access control systems come in three varieties:

  •  IP (internet protocol) systems

  •   IP-Cloud Systems

  •   Standalone Access Control

Regardless of which type you select, you have a broad choice of electrified hardware (locks) and tokens (credentials), and it all depends on your security needs:

Electrified Hardware Options

  •  Electric Strikes

  •  Magnetic Locks

  •  Electrified Handsets

  •  Electrified Crash Bars

  •  Interlocking Doors


  •  Badges

  •  Key Cards

  •  Keypads

  •  Smartphones

  •  Biometric Entry

IP, Cloud, and Standalone Access Control Systems

The choice between types of access control systems comes down to features and price. For example, IP and IP-cloud systems offer more benefits but at a higher cost, while standalone access control systems provides a robust security system on a budget ideal for smaller locations. What area in Portland or Seattle of your business requires access control?

IP Access Control

IP access control systems run from your company’s existing internet utilizing in-house servers using a control panel.  Because these systems run on internet protocols, your company has access to the door controller remotely from authorized smartphones or computers. IP Access Control Systems go hand in hand with an IP Camera, and can be a very effective security solution.

Remote capability allows you to grant user access from anywhere, track entrance and exit reports, and, with integrated security cameras, view your building’s entrance and exit points. In addition, Focus Security Group ensures you receive the latest updates and that your IP electronic access control system functions optimally. If you are looking for an experienced company to install access control in Portland OR, look no further!


IP cloud access control systems run from an offsite server maintained by Focus Security Group. These systems provide several advantages. First, you receive all the benefits of IP access control but without the hassle of managing the server. In addition, your company saves on the cost of updating your server because it all happens on our end.

Standalone Systems

Standalone access control systems offer an excellent alternative for smaller locations that need a low-cost but reliable access control solution. They require no programming or updates, and you can choose any token. Though you cannot have remote access with standalone systems, you can sleep soundly because they keep unauthorized persons off your premises.

For small businesses where faces are all familiar, a standalone system offers peace of mind and security without the expense of IP features.

Electrified Hardware Options

Locking mechanisms should be chosen based on the type of facility and entrances and can be an effective security solution. These are most common for a door access control system:

Electric Strikes

Electric strike locks contain a solenoid that electrifies and opens the lock when the access control system detects a valid token. They come in Mortise-, Cylindrical-, and Surface Mount Strike varieties. 

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks release when the access control system detects a valid token and interrupts the electric current for door access.

Electrified Handsets

A solenoid inside the handle unlocks the door when the access control system sends an electronic signal. These come in Mortise and Cylindrical varieties.

Electrified Crash Bar

An electrified crash bar access system requires a token to open, whereas a mechanical crash bar allows anyone to enter or exit. The bar is quick acting to re-engage as soon as the entry point is closed off again. This access control system makes for an incredibly secure system, yet quick to get in and out of.

If you are unsure which access control system is right for your business, please feel free to reach out to our team for a consultation. We have worked in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, as well as parts of California, Idaho and Washington, and we have the team to build the best security system for your business.

Access Control Portland OR

Interlocking Doors

These “ManTraps” require each authorized person to pass through the first door into a vestibule before presenting the token to open the second door.

Gate and Roll-Up Door Motors

Roll-up and vehicle access gates are key security features for many businesses. Focus Security Group provides access control for these important gateways.

All options provide “free egress”, so occupants can always exit the building immediately during an emergency.

Access Control Token Options

Today’s access control systems offer many methods of access. Different access control devices also opens the door for role based access control where you can control who has access to which entry point.


These individualized cards contain biographical information of the authorized user. In addition, badge holder photos and holographs verify identity and authenticity. Badges are commonly known as a smart card.


A key card works like a badge, except they contain no personal information about the holder or photos. A card reader system is installed at the entry point providing discretionary access control to the person who possesses the access card.


Keypad consoles require authorized people to enter a secured number to gain physical access.


Smartphones can do just about anything, so why not serve as an access control token? Most employees take their smartphones everywhere, so this option wins the popular vote.

Biometric Entry

The future has arrived in the form of biometric entry. Focus Security Group provides fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan, and other biometrics as tokens for entry into controlled areas. With a biometric reader, you do not need to worry about stolen cards, smartphones, or PINs. With other systems, video surveillance is sometimes required because you never know who is using a key card at a particular access point, but with biometrics, no one else will be able to get in but that designated person.

Temperature Monitoring Kiosks

Access control security systems can have different effective uses such as measuring temperatures. The COVID-19 pandemic shined a light on an often overlooked productivity factor in business: communicable illnesses. Even before COVID-19 struck, employers suffered from productivity losses due to the spread of flu, colds, and other illnesses.

Temperature monitoring kiosks automatically measure the body temperature of each person before they access your facility. In addition, the kiosk automatically prevents access to anyone with a fever unless management grants permission to enter. By keeping infected people out of crowded workspaces, employers prevent the productivity drain of outbreaks.

Call the Access Control Experts at Focus Security Group

Focus Security Group is the top installer for access control in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. Located conveniently in Beaverton, Oregon, our team is ready to provide the best access control, video surveillance, or security system for your business, apartment, or commercial building. We are a certified general contractor and work primarily in commercial security in Portland, Oregon.

When you need the latest technology in access control in Portland or Seattle areas, contact Focus Security Group. Our experts can walk you through the security options and help you select the ones that meet your needs and budget. Focus Security Group keeps the focus on securing your business.

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