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Business Security Systems in Seattle, WA

Focus Security Group is a professional security system installer that services Seattle, WA and the greater Seattle area. Our team is highly experienced installing and maintaining commercial security systems, security cameras, and access control systems. If your business is located in the Seattle area and looking for a premier installer for video surveillance or alarm systems, give us a call today for a security consultation.

Making sure your business is protected with the best security systems, security cameras, and professional monitoring can reduce theft, workplace accidents, and liability for many situations. As a business owner, knowing that these bases are covered can truly provide peace of mind. The company can be protected from non-employees, contractors, employees by reducing liabilities and stopping dangerous situations from taking place with the right security systems.


Recent events and civil unrest can be daunting to business owners, but the right precautions can be taken to reduce the risk to your business. Access Control systems, impenetrable doors and access points can be sealed, and professional monitoring can be set up to stop crime before it happens. Businesses, Government buildings, and companies in Seattle, Washington can trust Focus Security Group to provide a wide range of security systems and security solutions to fit your needs.

If you are not sure which security systems or video surveillance systems are right for your business, we can certainly provide a security consultation and assessment to gauge the best system for your business. We understand that security is vitally important in today's world. We will stand behind you every step of the way to make sure your security system, security cameras, alarm systems, and access control systems are completely turnkey and protect your assets.

Seattle, Washington Security Solutions

Focus Security Group provides the best security systems installation experts in the area. From large corporations to small businesses, we have installed security cameras and access control systems all over Seattle. Explore our security installation services below:

Access Control Systems

Focus Security Group is your one stop shop for security systems in Seattle, Washington. We offer comprehensive solutions to resolve security issues and breaches in security. Talk to our team about a new access control system installation. We can provide an initial security consultation to assess your security needs and provide the best solution to close off entry points. Access Control systems range from Standalone Systems, to IP Access Control Systems, and IP-Cloud Access Control systems.


We are dedicated to protecting our citizens in the Seattle Area. Access Control Systems are a necessity for large facilities such as hospitals, schools, government buildings, manufacturing plants, airports, and large business buildings. We are here to add a level of security to your business that can protect you, your employees, and our fellow Seattle citizens.

Video Surveillance & Security Camera Installation

Security Cameras come in all different shapes sizes, brands, memory capacity, features, and applications. Choosing the right video surveillance system can be a daunting decision, but we are here to help! Our dedicated security professionals are pros at security camera installation, and they can help you navigate the different types and brands of security cameras. In Seattle, Washington, security cameras can protect your business facility from all kinds of situations. Give us a call at Focus Security Group to learn more about our security camera installation services!

Intrusion Detection and Security Alarm Systems

Focus Security Group has been installing comprehensive security systems in Seattle, WA for many years. Security systems such as Intrusion Detection systems, and alarms are our specialty. Every business in Seattle should have some sort of security alarm system to protect the facility after hours or during normal operating hours. Threats can come at any time of the day and to have a layer of security against those threats is important.

There are many different brands and types of security systems, and our security team can even build a custom security system to fit your business or facility. Buildings & businesses such as hospitals or manufacturing plants may require a custom security system because different portions of the facility stay open at different times of the day requiring different access to areas of the building. Give us a call with your security questions, and we are happy to provide a security consultation, or estimate for install!

Access Control Security Service
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Security Camera Installation Process

At Focus Security group, we make it our passion to ensure that you never have to worry about the security of your business - letting you get back to what you do best, running it. We’ve refined our security system installation service into three easy steps, making sure that your Seattle, WA commercial property is as secure as can be.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Initial Security Assessment Consultation

  2. Design Phrase

  3. Implementation and Support

We’ll break our process down for you.

Security Systems Seattle Washington

Security Camera Installation Process

When you request a security consultation, our team of expert security engineers will conduct a complete analysis of your commercial property. We’ll identify possible points of entry and exit, as well as ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the internal footfall flow of your floor plan. This will help us to place the right security cameras, fire alarms, security systems, place motion detectors, and tell us where implement alarm monitoring.


We’ll make sure that we understand how your business works, which areas are of the highest importance, and where risk is most significant. From there, we start to design your custom security system.

Design Phase

Armed with the risk assessment conclusions of phase one, our safety engineers will create and illustrate a detailed security solution, specially tailored to your Seattle, WA commercial property. 

From the latest alarm systems to video surveillance & security cameras and access control points, we’ll make sure to create a solution that minimizes the risk to your business. Once our plan is created, we’ll propose it to you, walking you through every element to make sure you know how we’re going to be protecting your business.

We can even offer services based on different budgets, getting you the very best security solution at a price that fits your business goals.

Implementation and Support

Once you’re happy with the security system and plan that we’ve drawn up for you, we’ll then arrive at your facility and begin to set everything up. Our plans will range depending on what your facility needs, but you can expect to see a selection of the highest quality security equipment, such as:

  • Access Control Systems

  • Alarm Monitoring & Professional Monitoring

  • Alarm systems

  • Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • Amazon Key for Business

  • Commercial security cameras 

  • Motion Sensor

  • Smart Locks

  • Smoke Alarms

  • Intrusion Detection systems

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Low voltage cabling

Depending on where the risks of your business lie, we’ll be able to efficiently implement our security design, making sure that your business is protected - 24/7/365.

But, where other Seattle, WA security businesses finish their job, ours is only beginning. We’ll also provide training to your team, educating them on the ins and outs of your business security system, surveillance cameras, or access control system. We want your staff to know that they’re supported every step of the way and feel safe in their workplace.

Alongside this, we’ll periodically run testing on your commercial security system, ensuring that every point of your security system is still working at full to keep your business safe. With both database maintenance and system analytics, we’ll be able to deliver you regular updates that put your mind at ease.

Keeping businesses safe is what we do.

Seattle Video Surveillance & Security Camera Installation

We offer a range of cameras, selecting the system that will best benefit your particular circumstances. Being a busy metropolis area, it’s a great idea to protect your Seattle, WA commercial property with a range of security cameras with different security functions. From hidden cameras integrated into your building’s internal structure to bullet cameras to deter prying thieves, our range will ensure your building is completely secure.

With our 24/7 monitoring, your business will always be protected, our light and dark systems automatically compensating to replicate the best possible recording conditions. This ensures that even sunny glare or other weather conditions won’t impede our systems from recording your property and providing a continual stream of evidence if you ever need it.

What’s more, our cameras have integrated night vision, giving you the same quality of video no matter the time of day. For our system, it’s always broad daylight - minimizing your security risks. 

Already got a security system on your plot? We can modernize it, updating the old security cameras and alarm systems into a high-tech system. We’ll either be able to replace cameras or, if compatible, link them directly to our video streams, covering every single angle on your lot.

At Focus Security group, we understand the importance of keeping your business safe. From large-scale commercial operations to locally owned one-building sites, we’ve provided personalized, complex, and preventative security systems to a whole range of businesses.

Protecting your company’s assets with alarm monitoring and security cameras is only one part of the story. With Focus Security Group, you’ll also be:

  • Protecting your workforce - Alongside securing your building, an integrated security system will also ensure that you keep your staff safe. With access controls, you’ll be able to make sure no unauthorized personnel enter the building, creating a safe workplace for your team. 

  • Collecting continual evidence - From natural disasters to theft prevention, our Seattle, Washington security systems will constantly be recording, ensuring that you’ve got records of everything that happens on your site. 

  • Tracking employee access - You’ll be able to create an accurate timesheet, working out when your employees arrive and leave the site. 

  • Save on Insurance - With constant monitoring comes lower insurance costs, with insurance companies knowing that you have preventative measures sorted that are actively working to keep your company as safe as possible.

  • Keep an eye on your business - At any point in the day, you’ll be able to remotely log into our secure systems for an overview of how everything is going. From the comfort of your home to the other side of the world, you’ll always have access to a live stream video of every entrance and exit within your business.

With years of commercial experience, we know how to best keep your business safe. From intruder prevention and 24/7 monitoring to the latest security technology and a personalized safety plan, we’ll be able to provide an integrated security system that revolutionizes the security of your business.

Book an initial consultation and find out about the business security systems available in Seattle, WA, for your commercial property.  

Why should your business get a security system for its Seattle, Washington property?

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