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Security Camera Installation in Seattle WA

Premier Security Camera Installation in Seattle WA | Focus Security Group

Businesses in the Seattle, Washington region need security cameras to protect the assets that make continued prosperity possible. The civil unrest of 2020 shows how quickly unforeseeable events can destroy vital capital, leaving a business struggling to survive. 

Security cameras, both covert and overt, play their parts in keeping businesses safe from burglaries, thefts, vandalism, and arson. A security solution such as video surveillance equipped with a motion detector and automation can create legal records of events and provide employees and visitors with assurance that they are in a safe place.  

The Benefits of Commercial Security Cameras

Focus Security Group provides security camera installation in Seattle WA, for all commercial surveillance systems from top-rated manufacturers. These systems are designed for large coverage areas and provide specific benefits:

Evidence Against Wrongdoers

Law enforcement bases many cases on security camera footage. Whether a property crime or violent crime occurs on your premises, you will have a record of the event.

Crime Deterrence

Security cameras, security systems, and alarm systems are great crime deterrents. Having a robust business security system and alarm system can protect your business against crime, and reduce liability and accidents on the premises. Video Surveillance systems and security cameras can be paired with a smoke detector, control panel, motion sensor, and other important security equipment. Some of your security cameras should be highly visible to deter crime, and should contain automation software to alert the authorities quickly. Vandalism-proof cameras ensure against attempts to disable surveillance.

Rapid Response

Focus Security Group offers cameras that link directly to a central station that provides 24/7 monitoring. Advanced camera options detect motion, heat, and other indicators of an emergency. When trouble arises, the central station contacts emergency services for an immediate response. 

Legal Records

Businesses face many types of liability. When litigation ensues, security cameras provide compelling evidence. For example, if a complainant files a slip and fall lawsuit or worker’s comp claim against the company, security footage may assist in the defense. A robust security system along with high quality security cameras can protect your business from many types of incidents.

Dispute Resolution

Often, companies must resolve complaints and disputes. Security footage often helps management make the right decisions.

Employee Supervision

As much as companies like to think their employees always behave responsibly, many misconduct incidents, such as sexual harassment and employee theft, tell a different story. When employee misconduct occurs, security footage proves invaluable in discovering and resolving the matter.

Types of Cameras

Focus Security Group installs the best security cameras Seattle WA has to offer with analog, IP, and IP cloud cameras. All come in various shapes, sizes, and disguises.

Analog Cameras

These cameras are ideal when a security guard is on premises during off hours. They provide a live feed and record to a DVR.

IP Cameras

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras offer more advanced features versus analog cameras, including high-resolution images, night vision, motion detection, facial recognition, people counting and dwell time, and data analytics.

IP Cloud

IP cloud cameras pack in all the advanced features of regular IP cameras while also providing authorized users with a live video feed from a computer or smartphone. In addition, IP cloud cameras offer a tremendous cost benefit: The cloud computing provider handles all the updates and maintenance.

Regardless of whether you choose analog, IP, or IP cloud, multiple camera styles are available, including the following:

Bullet Cameras

These familiar cameras have a bullet-like shape and are typically immobile. They work best for indoor surveillance of a specific area, such as an entrance/exit or cash register.

In Seattle, Washington, security cameras installation should be strategic to place place cameras in obvious or conspicuous places to deter crime. Talk to a company who has been installing security cameras in the Seattle Washington area for many years.

You want to speak with a company who is familiar with the best brands for security cameras, video surveillance, alarm systems, and other security solutions to fit your business.

security camera installation in seattle WA

Covert Cameras

Sometimes, you want surveillance targets to have no idea they are on camera. For example, covert cameras work great for investigations into suspected employee theft. Cameras can be hidden or disguised as another object, such as a clock. 

Day/Night Cameras

These are primarily used in outdoor settings when cameras must capture clear images in all kinds of light, including direct sunlight and dawn/dusk conditions.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are familiar to most people as the “eyes in the sky”. Because they see in all directions, they are excellent for monitoring a large space, such as a production area, retail sales floor, or open plan office.

Installation of the Top Commercial Security Brands in Seattle, WA

Focus Security Group offers professional installation and monitoring for the most reliable and technologically advanced security camera brands, including ADT, Honeywell, and Samsung.

Are you wondering which brand of security camera makes the most sense for your business? We are happy to provide a meeting with a security consultant to discuss your options. Our video surveillance experts are happy to speak with you on what brands best suit your commercial property’s needs. 

Updating Your Camera Systems

Many business owners are surprised by the low cost of updating their security camera systems. For example, Focus Security Group can upgrade an analog system to an IP cloud system at a small cost with no business disruptions. In addition, the customer enjoys lower maintenance costs. 

Security Camera Integration with Other Security Equipment 

Commercial security cameras and video surveillance work in conjunction with other security equipment, such as access control-, intrusion detection, and alarm systems with false alarm detection.

Dome Cameras

Focus Security Group offers a variety of burglar and fire alarm systems. Burglar alarms alert police the second a perimeter is breached. In addition, they trigger the central station to view live footage. The central station can then assist the police with information in real-time.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems sense movement inside the building when there should be none, triggering either silent or sound alarms, central station live camera viewing, and an emergency services response.

Access Control

Though standalone access control systems are available for companies on a budget with low-security needs, they work best when paired with security cameras and alarms. Security cameras record all activity occurring at the access control point while documenting any breaches and unauthorized activity.  

Talk to Focus Security Group for Security Camera Installation Services in Seattle, Washington

Focus Security Group’s consultants love helping our clients secure their commercial properties. Security cameras are a key component of any security system, and our consultants help clients choose the best camera options. Security camera installation in Seattle WA and for our fellow Portland residents from Focus Security Group is available throughout the Seattle & Portland region, including the following locations:

  • Duwamish and Ballard     

  • Longview, WA

  • Tacoma, WA

  • Olympia, WA

  • Kennewick, WA

  • Pasco, WA

  • Everett, WA

  • Lacey, WA

  • Oak Harbor, WA

Contact Focus Security Group for your commercial security camera installation needs today.

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